Cotton Jacket

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This heavyweight cotton twill jacket is now established as a perennial favourite with everyone in search of a robust garment which can take you from the allotment to the pub (and probably back again)

We use an excellent heavyweight pure cotton fabric which is washed twice, once before making up and then a second time after the jacket is finished. This ensures that the garment is softened and gently aged. They will continue to fade slightly with wear.

The inside pocket makes a useful addition for these utility garments. They are relatively short which was the conventional shape for workwear chore jackets.

These make excellent Summer jackets for everyday wear and are particularly popular with gardeners.

Because of the washing process these jackets have shrunk down slightly so if in doubt buy a bigger size.

Size Guide (Approximate Measurements):

XSmall – 36in Chest | 30in Collar to Hem | 25in Arm Length

Small – 38in Chest | 30.5in Collar to Hem | 25.5in Arm Length

Medium – 40in Chest | 31in Collar to Hem | 25.5in Arm Length

Large – 42in Chest | 31in Collar to Hem | 26in Arm Length

XLarge – 44in Chest | 31.5in Collar to Hem | 26.5in Arm Length

XXLarge – 46in Chest | 32in Collar to Hem | 27in Arm Length

3XLarge – 48in Chest | 32.5in Collar to Hem | 27.5in Arm Length

4XLarge – 50in Chest | 33in Collar to Hem | 27.5in Arm Length

5XLarge – 52in Chest | 33in Collar to Hem | 28in Arm Length

6XLarge – 54in Chest | 33.5in Collar to Hem | 28.5in Arm Length

3 reviews for Cotton Jacket

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