Puffy Jacket

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Puffy Jacket

Keep the warmth centered on your core in our Puffy Jacket. These styles are great for layering over a long sleeve shirt or under a jacket. Some feature a colorful lining.

  • 100% polyester shell

  • 100% polyester lining

  • Reverse coil center front zipper

  • Interior storm flap

  • Interior zippered pocket

  • Interior pocket with drawcord and toggle

  • Front zippered pockets

  • Open hem with drawcord and toggles for adjustability

2 reviews for Puffy Jacket

  1. Maria

    Sit hoc ultimum bonorum, quod nunc a me defenditur; Sed ad haec, nisi molestum est, habeo quae velim. Sed venio ad inconstantiae crimen, ne saepius dicas me aberrare.

  2. Tom McFarlin

    Nihil enim iam habes, quod ad corpus referas; Quasi ego id curem, quid ille aiat aut neget. Vestri haec verecundius, illi fortasse constantius. Rapior illuc, revocat autem Antiochus, nec est praeterea, quem audiamus.

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