Payment Method

How to transfer payment?

Since we have been asked this question so many times by new clients regarding to payment transfer. Hence, we are pleased to offer here all required details to make it easier and understandable for our customers to follow while sending funds.

We accept payment through three methods:

1. Wire bank transfer
2. Western Union Zarco Money Transfer
3. International Money Gram

We receive Western Union & International Money Gram payments namely for the collection of either sample payments or small orders less than 500.00 ($/€/£) please.

» Western Union & Money Gram Details:

Recipient Name: Muhammad Ali
Kotli Loharan East, Sialkot
Sialkot, (51310) – Pakistan.
Mobile: +92-308-4477770

Western Union Payment Method: There are 2 methods to send payment by Western Union (1) you need to go to local agent of your nearest Zarco Exchange office and give them sender and receiver details. They will take net amount with some additional money transfer charges and provide you with 14 digit transfer code.(2) you can also do this transaction online by filling a form. For this transaction you need Credit Card etc. Please send given 14 digit code via e-mail or fax & we will get payment from here western union local office.

Important: If you do not have Western Union OR Money Gram centre near your premises you may send small payments by wire transfer as well. For this along with routine & wire transfer charges you will also pay bank charges that our bank cuts from our realized payments. On each payment that we receive here our bank deducts almost 25.00 GBP/35.00 USD/30.00 EURO please.

Credit Cards & Paypal: Please be noted we do not receive payments either by CREDIT CARDS OR PAYPAL.

How to transfer via bank?

To transfer the money in bank you need to send us an email us and ask for our bank a/c details. For security reasons we are sorry not to publish our bank details publicly.